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The world needs a spirit week

link Clyde Davis

Local columnist

The world needs a spirit week. Seriously, the world needs a spirit week where we all get dressed up according to various themes and move away from the idea of taking ourselves too seriously.

We could start with the denizens of the mideast, who have been fighting with each other for so many centuries they scarcely remember the original cause. A joint parade float would force diverse elements to work together, thereby perhaps resolving some of the issues involved in seeing one another as less than human.

A side benefit would be that, like most of the floats I have been involved with in any context, a small percentage of the people would end up doing most of the work. The others could just wander around and be non-involved. This would effectively keep them from getting killed.

Then we could elect a homecoming king and queen from among the world leaders. This could, potentially, satisfy Putin's desire for power; instead of swallowing neighboring nations, he could be homecoming king.

Colors would be a challenge, but one I suppose we could endure for the sake of unity. Personally, I think red, white and blue should be the first dress up day, but even that would be a plus, since those colors show in so many national flags besides our own. If you dress in the colors for the day, you can arrange them in any order you want, and it would still count for you.

At the end of the week, instead of nations pulling out missiles, we could settle our issues with the playing of several athletic events. It need not be confined to soccer or to football, since that would give an unfair advantage to some nations, our own included.

Maybe that is what is intended, when the world gathers for the Olympics. If it doesn't make that happen, maybe we are missing the boat.

Of course, we all know that not everyone gets involved with spirit week, and never has. For those who choose not to, they can simply step to the side, not engage in car bombings and missile strikes.

Once, many years ago, Coke wanted to teach the world to sing. Well, actually they wanted to sell sodas, but the ad campaign was built on singing. I don't think it would be a bad idea to give the world a spirit week. What's to lose ?

Clyde Davis is a Presbyterian pastor and teacher at Clovis High School. He can be contacted at:

[email protected]