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Pages past — Sept. 18

On this date ...

1960: A man accused of stealing $32,000 from a New Jersey bank on Sept. 12 was arrested in Clovis. City Police Chief Ollie Damron, Capt. Lloyd Niece of the Clovis PD and FBI Agent Frank Haines arrested the Long Branch, N.J., man at Hotel Clovis. The suspect told the officers he had $10,000 in cash.

1954: Several area residents reported seeing a “green fire ball” in the eastern New Mexico skies about 9:40 p.m. Dr. Ross Calvin of Clovis said it moved east to west and left a luminous greenish streak bent into a giant u. Oscar Shay of Portales said it changed colors as he watched — from a yellow-white, to incandescent purple, to blue violet and finally a “blinding green.”

1947: Clovis Police Chief Nelson Worley, Officer Herschel Pendley and City Hall Janitor Charley Sorrows were busy making 24 “stop,” “slow” and “go” signals to be used by Clovis junior police when they began their jobs of protecting school zones in a few days.

Quotable ...

From the July 23, 1881, Colorado Springs Gazette, reporting that Pat Garrett had killed Billy the Kid in Fort Sumner nine days earlier: “The tall silent Garrett was the hero of the hour and was lionized for the killing that was confirmed by the personal testimony of him who has forever rid the Pecos country and Lincoln county of the intrepid outlaw.”

Go figure ...

Route 66, which stretched from Chicago to Los Angeles, was 2,448 miles long.

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