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Q: I know the vegetables at the local farmers markets are fresh, but how do I know they’re safe to eat? Do vendors have to meet any guidelines?

A: According to, a website about the state’s farmers markets, the produce you would get from your local market is the same, or better in terms of freshness, as what you would get from the grocery. Proper food handling and preparation standards apply to both.

As for guidelines, vendors at open air markets have a rules and regulations that must be followed. Products must be so many feet off of the ground at sale, old produce is not allowed, vendors’ farms must be located within 60 miles of the market, samples must be prepared following strict guidelines and are subject to inspection, just to list a few. Failure to follow these rules results in fines or being banned from the market.

Complete information for shoppers and vendors can be found at the website under the drop-down menus at the top of the page or by contacting Margie Plummer, market manager for Clovis and Portales, at 575-760-0690.


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