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Socks? No, I don’t have many pairs of them. With the exception of my few no-show socks reserved for flats.

Then there are my newly stocked above the knee socks to pair with my fall and winter boots. Other than that, you won’t find me wearing them much.

It never occurred to me that I don’t own many socks until this one day I went through my drawer looking for a pair to wear with my sneakers to go for a walk. I eventually found one, maybe two pair that will hopefully last a lifetime, provided I don’t lose them in sockland (where the socks go to hide, hence why no one in the household can ever find a matching pair) because I can’t bring myself to purchase anymore.

Lately, while skimming through my usual fashion pages I’ve noticed, more than once, the trend of wearing socks with open-toe shoes and/or sandals.

Picture this: toe and ankle strap wedge heels, a pair of winter socks paired with short pants or platform pumps with ankle high socks and a pencil skirt.

Do you dig? Yep, this is some of what I’ve seen on the scene and here’s what I’ve gathered:

• The sock color palettes for this trend are grays (medium to dark tones), cypress green and navy blues. Neutrals and darker colors are best.

• Stay away from bright colored socks. The point is to make a fashion statement on how to winter-mix your sandal or shoe, not to look like a clown.

• Above the knee fall/winter socks go really great with many other shoe selections because they can pass for tights and look great with a shorter skirt or dress.

I think this trend works. As for men with socks and sandals. You guys may pass on this one. Let’s not waste our creative space on making this fashion faux pas happen. Although I do encourage the gentlemen to get creative with their socks in general. Patterns, stripes and bright colors are not out of the question in this case.

Yes, the sandal, shoes and socks trend can potentially be a hit or miss considering all the pieces to the fashion puzzle must fit. They should be selected wisely. It takes a unique eye to put this look together.

D’Nieka Hartsfield writes for Clovis News Journal and Portales News-Tribune. You can contact her at [email protected] or find her on Facebook.


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