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ENMU Golden Library worth a look

link Betty Williamson

Local columnist

While it might not qualify as an “unsolved mystery,” I have been intrigued for the past few weeks by the dozens of old photos on display in the foyer of ENMU’s Golden Library, faces from Roosevelt County’s past.

The 110 black-and-white images were selected from a much bigger group of photos—woefully labeled “unidentified”—that belongs to Golden Library. Director Melveta Walker is counting on the collective memory of our community to change that.

If you are at least 50 (older is even better), and have lived locally for most of that time, I urge you to make the trek to Eastern to take a look. The library staff has paper and pencils by each display case—all guesses are welcome. Photos will be on display through August 15.

I’ve visited three times already, including once with my 86-year-old cousin who immediately spotted her mother (my aunt) in several images. Long-time News-Tribune editor Gordon Greaves is there at least twice, as is Parker Woodul, a beloved former ag teacher at Portales High School. John Hilliard was a dashing Boy Scout. I loved seeing Doug Stone, Sr. and Kenneth Hubbard, I’m certain I spotted a Borden or two, and there…in the dark suit…that must be one of the Worleys.

Even if you don’t know a soul, it’s a collection worth a look, a fascinating peek into our county’s past.

Betty Williamson wishes old photographs could talk. You may reach her at:

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