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Davis: Summer reveals many truths

Observations from mid-summer:

• Coffee is best served iced, when it is already 90 degrees at 9 a.m. Coffee is best served, however, any time, any place.

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• Do people posting Facebook pictures surrender their exclusives on those pictures, especially if the viewer doesn't plan to use for profit? Someone in a group I belong to posted an amazing picture of a mare and newborn twin foals, that just begs to be used as a Christmas card.

• The convenient time to put shorts on sale would be now, when one can still get plenty of use out of them. Retailers do not care about what is convenient for you or me.

• Amazing vacation destinations abound in our country, too many to see in one lifetime. Amazing vacations take planning of several kinds.

• Decorating concepts: What goes around comes around. The same four step faux weathering look I am using on my kitchen cabinets was also popular back in the 1970's.

• When a Labrador sees the Blue Hole, he wants to go in it. Since a majority of dogs cannot read the "No Dogs" sign, it probably doesn't do much good. The good news is, the owners did not punish him unfairly.

• When one is taking a carload of kids to the Blue Hole, one may as well take as many as possible. The kids love it and you are going to pay the same for gasoline, regardless.

• The good news about our recent and very moist summer is that vegetables, at least in my yard, are growing like crazy. The bad news is that weeds are, as well.

• The good news is that teachers who are off for the summer still have plenty of time to finish the projects that we planned to get accomplished at our homes. The bad news is that no matter how much time was available, there would still be more projects than there is time.

Clyde Davis is a Presbyterian pastor and teacher at Clovis High School. He can be contacted at:

[email protected]

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