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Losses bringing family closer

link Christina Calloway

Staff columnist

There’s a silver lining to death in a family. Now I know unfortunately this isn’t always the case, but with my most recent losses, there’s certainly more of an urge to reconnect with cousins, uncles and aunts.

I’ve noticed the camaraderie among us boost as we share memories, post photos and videos to our Facebook walls and engage in conversations that bring tears to my eyes. Even though I haven’t left New Mexico, it feels like I’m at home when I talk with them.

I’ve noticed my cousin Kyle now has a beautiful little girl and my cousin Jana’s eldest daughter just graduated from fifth grade.

Not only has this hardship brought us closer, I think it’s caused many of us to re-evaluate our own lives and make sure we’re living up to our fullest potential while also not taking anything for granted.

While having a father-daughter talk with my dad earlier this week, we discussed my future and of all things, vacations.

While he got on me about my mother still worrying about where I go, I had to laugh because I know my 92-year-old grandmother still worries about him and all of his travels.

I did an impression of my grandma’s thick Filipino accent, yelling to make my point. When I posted about our conversation on Facebook, the cousins and aunts chimed in with other sayings she says.

We regretfully had a few laughs at my grandma’s expense, but what can I say? Even when she isn’t trying, that woman brings us joy.

Christina Calloway writes for Clovis Media Inc.