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Triple-digit heat

Staff report

The temperature hit triple digits Monday for the first time in 2014.

In fact, Saturday through Monday were the three hottest consecutive days, according to Meteorologist Steve Travis said it wasn’t a record-breaker.

Travis said relief from Monday’s 100-degree heat is on its Christina Calloway: Staff photo

Siblings Peyton Williams, front, and Abby Ontiveros try to cool off and create a splash Monday at the city swimming pool. The pair’s mother said the hot weather called for a trip to the pool. Saturday through Monday were three hottest consecutive days this year.

A cold front will be blowing cooler air through the eastern New Mexico today and it is also likely to bring rain. Travis said winds will shift out of the north and northeast to cool the area.

“I have much better news. There’s a cold front coming through (today) and it can actually bring potential thunderstorms,” Travis said.

According to Meteorologist Brian Edwards, the area received an inch of rain about a week ago, but with temperature highs being 10 degrees more than normal, the area remains in extreme drought conditions.

“Rain will certainly help conditions,” Edwards said.

Travis cautioned the thunderstorms may bring sizable hail and damaging wind gusts with it, but the high temperature for today should reach 81 degrees. He added the weather is not high-risk for tornadoes.

“The good news is it will bring a change in the weather pattern,” Travis said.

Chances for thunderstorms and highs in the 80s will be consistent until Saturday.

As far as Monday’s weather, if it felt hotter than usual, Travis said people can thank the moisture.

With dew points in the mid-50s, Travis said it could have felt much hotter than it actually was.

“If it’s sunnier than usual, it certainly can feel a lot warmer in the sun,” Travis said. “The sun angle is about as strong as it gets this time of year. The sun is closest to us because of the summer solstice, That can factor in as well.”