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Sprouting imaginations

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“Awesomeville” and “cat dragons,” are two phrases the imaginative children attending Eastern New Mexico University’s Kids’ College have created.

Of the projects the students get to do, this week involved drawing and painting and those were two ideas that sprouted from the minds of the 6 to 12-year-old students.

The eight-week program, which has almost reached its halfway point, provides a mix of physical and educational activities for children in the Rae Arnett: Staff photo

A fast-paced game of soccer was played Tuesday afternoon at Eastern New Mexico University’s Kids’ College.

The program has been filled with swimming, physical exercise, art, computers and science projects. Each week also has a theme, such as Disney and superheroes.

Here are what some of the students have to say about the program:

Aubrie Sanchez, 9, said “I have learned how to do art much better. We color and draw everyday.”

Nealeigh Burrow, 8, was asked what her favorite part of Kids’ College is.

“Mostly PE because it is active and fun” said Burrow. “We play ‘jump river’ a lot. You use two ropes and you keep spreading them out and if you can’t make it, you are out. When it’s the last person, sometimes a counselor will play and see if they can beat them,” said Burrow.

Gwendolyn Reid, 12, is excited to be a part of the big kid group. Her favorite theme is “stars and stripes.”

“We have been watching the world cup this week and I really like that,” said Reid.

Payton Santillanes, 12, said his favorite activity is swimming. He goes every day and said his favorite thing about swimming was “playing basketball in the pool.”

Parker Yi, 11, was asked what his favorite Kid’s College theme has been.

“Olympics. We did a lot of physical activity. We played Olympic games and had a field day where we dribbled a soccer ball, shot free throws and did an obstacle course,” said Yi.

Karleah Hulett, 11, said her favorite science experiment at Kids’ College involved milk. “We got to see the fats from the milk dissolve away with powder and dish detergent,” said Hulett.

Justin King, 10, said he already knew a few children at Kids’ College from school but that he had made some new friends as well.

King also said, “My favorite thing to do at Kids, College is play outside.”