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Nieka Style: In fashion, some pairs don't go together

Two weeks ago I talked about wearing silver and gold jewelry together and how it can work. Well, there are many other fashion fallacies that we all might have an opinion on. Some may have remained in place but most have gone on to be challenged.

Of late, I have witnessed a few of these myths tried both in the fashion world and by the everyday consumer. Here are some fashion myths that you may or may not want to reckon with:

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• Wearing open-toe shoes with socks. I’ve seen this trend sampled on the runways and some appearances in a few magazines but not too many demonstrations in real life. You may be able pull this look off depending on the style of shoe. But I would save this look for the fashion-forward person. This may not be the easiest look to pull off.

• Mixing prints. I have briefed on the whole mixing and matching idea in a previous column. Let’s just say my boss is still waiting on me to prove that polka dots and stripes really do mix well together. On the contrary, mixing prints is quite trendy this season. I recently Googled over a pink floral print mixed with black and white stripes top and skirt to match worn by actress Jamie Chung. This type of mixing and matching I definitely recommend for having fun.

• Wearing white after Labor Day. Whether you’re into fashion or not we have all heard this one before. But Is this still a fashion faux pas? Honestly, I don’t wear much white anyway but I would say go for it. Most of us are moving at such a fast pace that half of us don’t realize what day it is much less who’s wearing what color on what day.

• Wearing colors that clash. I give a thumbs up to this one considering I have a newfound love for red and pink together.

• Black panty hose or tights with light shoes. This is another tricky one. I believe it can be pulled off but you have to have a great eye for building on this look. But in most cases I say nay.

There really aren’t any legitimate fashion rules to which anyone should cling. It’s all about who is wearing it and how well you can put the look together.

D’Nieka Hartsfield writes for Clovis News Journal and Portales News-Tribune. You can contact her at [email protected] or find her on Facebook.