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Principals of success

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Lindsey-Steiner Elementary Principal Rick Segovia waited in his office for one of his students.

When the student entered his office, he appeared nervous because a visit to the principal’s office doesn’t usually mean a student did something well. But in this case it Lillian Bowe: Staff photo

Rick Segovia, principal at Lindsey-Steiner Elementary,

monitors the halls during the break on Wednesday. Segovia said he makes sure that the students behave well while they go to their next class.

While Segovia may have appeared intimidating to the student, the two exchanged smiles and celebrated the student’s perfect spelling test score.

That experience is an example of why Segovia loves to be a principal; he loves to see his students succeed.

Principals in schools have a lot of duties to perform daily, but Segovia and Portales Junior High Principal Steve Harris say they love their jobs.

“I not only have the ability to impact the students, but also with the parents and in turn on the community. I just love working with the kids,” Harris said.

Segovia also loves working with this students.

“I enjoy working at a school-wide level. I get to see the kids grow and develop from the first time they come to school, to when they leave,” Segovia said.

Their days are always busy and include coming to school before most teachers and other staff arrive.

“I have to go to every classroom and check if every room has a teacher. If not, I have to get a substitute teacher,” Harris said.

Harris and Segovia both greet students when they come into school, making sure they get to their classes on time and behave in the halls.

The rest of the day for the principals includes seeing teachers, parents and students.

Segovia has been principal at Lindsey-Steiner for 13 years. He said he rarely has to see students for discipline.

“The kids are very well behaved and they are just great,” Segovia said.

Harris has been principal at the junior high for 15 years. He said he is always on the move during the school day with meetings, whether it be with administration or parents. He also talks with teachers about concerns they have.

Harris and Segovia are currently working on planning for the next school year by reviewing staff levels, checking which teachers will return and setting up the school’s calendar.

“We have to start working on next year because no one will be in the office around June, so we have to start in April and May,” Segovia said. “So we have to focus on right now and the future.”

At the end of the school day, their job is not done. Segovia and Harris have to stay after the students leave. Segovia said he stays after school to catch up on paperwork or make plans for the next day.

Harris catches up on work, too, and stays after school since some students have extracurricular activities.

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