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Developers discuss Cannon housing details

An Atlanta-based developer met with about 80 developers Tuesday at the Clovis Civic Center to discuss details on a private housing plan at Cannon Air Force Base.

Schedule to start July 1, the housing privatization project will add 677 new homes to the base.

The work at Cannon is part of a $470 million housing privatization project taking place at six Air Force installations.

The developer will provide 4,761 new and renovated homes for military personnel at those locations.

Balfour Beatty scheduled the seminar to touch base on the processes it would use to select contractors for building the houses, and the scope of work involved for selected contractors.

Balfour Beatty Senior Vice President Peter Wojtowicz said financing should be done by the end of May, and work could begin July 1 with a 42-month building period.

By the end of 2015 homes should be completed at Chavez Manor in the northeastern portion of the base and at Joe Cannon Estates in the southwest portion of the base.

Balfour Beatty has developed 12,000 new homes at about 42 military installations, Senior Vice President Peter Wojtowicz said.

There are about 15 floor plans, based on rank and bedroom requirements. Wojtowicz noted that plans will be built for three elevations, “so they don’t look cookie cutter.”

Project Manager Scott Rauth said the ideal situation is building throughout the year, based on reports that inclement weather is rare.

“It’s about having an ongoing presence,” Rauth said, “and a significant presence.”

Contractors will receive instructions on how to download and inspect plans, provided Balfour Beatty had their prequalification forms filed.

“The easiest way to be overlooked,” Rauth said, “is to not have that in front of us.”

Wojtowicz said the entire project will be bid up front, and contractors were welcome to combine bids if they handle multiple project phases (i.e. plumbing and electrical).

Once completed, a Philadelphia-based company will maintain and operate the homes on a 50-year contract with the Air Force.