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27th SOW Social Media: Dependents crucial part of conversation

Editor’s note: This feature is third in a series of social media related stories.

Recent advances in social media have completely altered communication for today’s military families. Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter enable them to share, connect and be part of events in real time. From base status updates to command messages, obtaining information has become as easy as loading an application on your smart-phone.

With each leap in technology, however, comes a greater responsibility to know how to communicate effectively in virtual media.

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are perfect forums for military dependents to connect with unit commanders and leaders, service members and other spouses. Making connections through these easily-accessible forums, particularly during difficult times such as deployments, can open helpful avenues for families in stressful situations.

Most military families are already actively engaged in social media, and most military installations have established social media pages and groups for members within their community to stay linked with commanders as well as critical information.

Here are some ways military families can utilize social media:

  • Stay in touch with family and friends
  • Stay informed on Department of Defense, service and unit policies
  • Always remember OPSEC. Know what and what not to communicate to ensure mission success and our Air Commandos’ safety
  • Maintain personal security on social media sites through privacy and account settings
  • Stay up-to-date with instant notifications
  • Utilize social media to actively communicate with installation commander

Staying connected with family and friends doesn’t limit you to your current duty station; it also includes previous assignments as well as those service members that are deployed. Keep in mind before posting anything online that it is crucial for the safety of service members and their unit to remember OPSEC.

For more information on how military families can communicate using social media sites, check out the Social Media Guide For Military Families at

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