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No obligation to stick with job

Kent McManigal: FNM columnist

Curry County employees really want a pay raise. Is there anyone who doesn’t?

Even libertarian opinionizing isn’t as profitable as you might imagine (and yes, I’m being silly).

There is no reason to feel an obligation to continue to work in a job that doesn’t pay what you think you are worth if you can find something better. Weigh the pros and cons. If you can’t find something better, maybe you need to come to grips with what your skills are really worth.

Remembering that government jobs pay substantially more on average than private, market-based, jobs makes me suspect I know why those who work for the county don’t get out of the government job and find honest work somewhere; adding value to the economy rather than being a drain on it.

I suppose some would claim a sense of being a part of “something important” as their justification. This is misguided.

It isn’t noble or selfless to work for government. Civilization will keep going just fine without government keeping a watchful eye on every little detail.

It has been noted there are only two ways to get money: by economic means and by political means. By giving people that which they are willing to pay for, or by saying to them “your money or your life.”

If the job is really necessary, someone will find a way to do it without financing it with money coercively taken from its rightful owners. If the job can’t be done without forcing people to pay for it, it shouldn’t be done at all.

Most people in the private sector can get more money by helping their bosses make more profit — by making customers happy, by cutting overhead, by being more productive or efficient. Some might even do so by dishonest means, which often get exposed and can cause economic disaster to the boss and the business as a whole.

Most jobs must produce something of value in exchange for the money those doing the jobs are paid.

Only government increases its profit by stealing more from those who produce to give to those who regulate, meddle, file, fold, staple, and mutilate. Government jobs produce only bureaucracy.

This isn’t a very nice way to earn money, even when you can get people to vote that their neighbors can’t be looted to pay for it. Nothing is stopping you from donating your own money to the county government, if that’s what you really want to do. It is wrong to decide your neighbor must pay more, too.

Noting that county employees must get permission for a second job should raise an alarm. If this is necessary it means that in their job as a county employee they have too much power, which could be abused or influenced.

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