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Letter to the editor: City plans disservice to seniors

City plans disservice to seniors

I am concerned about the city of Clovis possibly buying the Chaparral Country Club for $3 million and tearing down the well-maintained municipal golf course to make way for more soccer fields.

I understand the golf course was developed in the early 1930s. It seems a shame to destroy it now.

I am a golfer, although I don’t play as often as I would like. I notice with envy on my way to work that on any workday you will see golfers out enjoying the day. It is a nine-hole course and just perfect for seniors who want to get exercise walking the course whereas an 18-hole course would be too much.

Seniors on a fixed income also fear a new 18-hole course would be more expensive.

I am not opposed to buying land (hopefully, at a much cheaper price) and creating more soccer fields. Soccer fields could be strategically located throughout the community so as not to cause parking or traffic problems.

A water park could be incorporated into the same location as the new soccer fields.

A new complex in the north part of town where the new school is to be located would be ideal.

I have a grandson who plays soccer and I appreciate the city maintaining the two fields, one on the west side of town and one on the east. My grandchildren would love a new water facility.

My grandson also enjoys playing golf at the municipal golf course with his grandparents.

What I think the city has overlooked is these new recreation facilities should not be at the expense of our senior’s recreational pursuits.