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Food at the speed of life: Spreads liven up sandwiches

Non-traditional spreads take sandwiches to a new level.

These ideas are healthy, as long as you use those with olive oil or avocado in moderation.

• Basil pesto. This paste is traditionally made of fresh basil, olive oil, garlic, parmesan or Romano cheese and pine nuts.

It’s good on a grilled muenster cheese sandwich.

• Hummus. The “original recipe” is chickpeas, olive oil and garlic ground into a paste, but you can find variations.

It pairs well with pastrami, for example.

• Guacamole. Since it works on tostadas, is it too surprising that it’s good on meat or vegetable sandwiches?

• Smashed avocado. Avocado and tomato sandwiches are good grilled in or drizzled with olive oil.

• Horseradish. It gives a kick to pastrami and tomato on a whole-wheat tortilla. Just don’t put on so much that the kick hurts.

• Lonnie Berry’s blueberry spread. Lonnie said he liked a cup of blueberries chopped, mashed and mixed with a teaspoon each of prepared horseradish and ground mustard. He uses it instead of mayo.

Mash and drain the blueberries before adding the other ingredients so you won’t drain away the seasoning with the juice. It doesn’t taste weird, and it adds a little sweetness.