Serving Clovis, Portales and the Surrounding Communities

Bond would include money for ENMU, local libraries

The 2010 Capital Projects General Obligation Bond Act includes four separate categories of facilities to be granted money from New Mexico.

The act appears on the Nov. 2 general election ballot and will, in part, provide funding for two facilities in Roosevelt County: Eastern New Mexico University and the Portales Public Library.

Section A of the Bond Act is devoted to the improvement of senior citizen facilities: “For senior citizen facility improvements, construction and equipment acquisition projects, to the aging and long-term services department.”

Section B is devoted to the improvement of libraries: “For library acquisitions and capital improvements at public libraries, public school libraries, academic libraries and tribal libraries statewide.”

Section C is for the improvement of public school facilities: “For public school facility improvements acquisitions, bus acquisitions and book and instructional materials acquisitions, to the public education department.”

Section D is for the improvement of higher education facilities: “For capital improvements at institutions of higher education and special schools statewide.”