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My turn: Friendly text message can make a difference

A lot of people tease me for sending what I call “mass inspirational” text messages.

At least once a week, I send a text to everyone in my phone, saying things like “Don’t forget to smile today, because you’re amazing” or “Have a great day knowing someone thinks you’re special.”

As cheesy as these messages are, they are also encouraging. It brightens my day to know that I have made others smile. Everyone thanks me for my messages but along with the thanks is the laughter and teasing: “You are so silly, but I Iove it!” or “You goofball.”

Recently, I ran into a friend I have not seen or spoken to for awhile, but she is among the many I send these texts to. We greeted and hugged and when the formalities were over, she told me she and her husband recently separated and were getting a divorce. She added that one of the only things that had kept her going were the texts I sent her and they meant so much to her.

So overly cheesy or not, I will continue to send my texts. Next time you think you can’t change lives with a simple text message, think again.