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My turn: ENMU performances always a delight

I went to Eastern New Mexico University’s “Zombie Circus Extravaganza” on Friday night and, as always, the theater department outdid themselves.

I am always impressed with all of ENMU’s performances, whether it is freshmen performing or seniors and staff. There are some really gifted thespians in Portales, be they students or community members, and we are lucky to have them.

Two particular students come to mind: Brandon Gilliard and Robert Garcia. I have seen these two young men in several performances and they never fail to give a strong sense of stage presence with their delightful, slap-stick comedy. They are always two of my favorites to watch, because they always have just the right amount of passion, fear, anger, or just flat out cheesiness.

At the beginning of the zombie performance, Gilliard sat in the audience, cleverly disguised as an innocent bystander. His performance was convincing and hilarious as a group of actresses hog tied him and dragged him backstage.

If anyone has a free night when there is a performance, I highly recommend they check it out for themselves.

Thanks, ENMU, for once again giving me a night full of fun and exciting entertainment.

Alisa Boswell is an Eastern New Mexico University graduate and writes for Freedom New Mexico. Contact her at: [email protected]

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