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Airmen welcomed home

Cannon Connections photo: Liliana Castillo Over 30 airmen returned to Cannon Air Force Base after various deployments Saturday.

Thank goodness for video calls.

That was Clovis resident Ginger La Tour’s reaction to her husband’s return after almost six months deployed. Their daughter, Addison, is 2 and Ginger La Tour said she changed in his absence.

“They video chatted with each other two or three times a week,” she said. “They needed to see each other.”

Ginger La Tour said this was the first time her husband had deployed since Addison has been old enough to be aware of his absence.

“This is the happy part,” she said. “No more single mom. We get through it. It’s not easy but that’s what you do.”

La Tour was one of over 30 airmen who returned to Cannon Air Force Base on Saturday after deployments averaging four months in various locations, according to Senior Master Sgt. Lora Aples of Plans and Integration who organized the homecoming.

Aples said the airmen go through an inprocessing check list including getting shots or medication, information needed for reintegration and changes in their pay.

Clovis resident Stephanie Bever and her children greeted her husband 1st Lt. Luke Bever after his first deployment in seven years.

“It’s very different,” she said of his absence. “Murphy’s Law comes into play. Everything breaks.”

Bever said her friends keep her sane in her husband’s absence.

“Him coming back is very exciting,” she said. “We’ve done all the preparations. We have a lot of banners and a welcome home cake.”

A delay of over two hours ended her plan of a fancy dinner, but Bever shrugged it off.

Natalie Bever, 7, was giggly at the sight of her father.

“It’s just really exciting to see his face again,” she said.

She said she missed having fun with her dad for the three and a half months he was gone.