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My turn: Pie baking not exact science

My Jeff Davis pie escapade proves cooking isn’t an exact science.

Joe Blair of Portales wanted me to make the pie, named after Confederate President Jefferson Davis. I chose a recipe from

The pie is mainly sugar, butter, milk and eggs flavored with vanilla, nutmeg and pumpkin pie spice. It has a definite egg flavor and texture reminiscent of omelets. It’s sweet and nicely spiced.

I was supposed to bake the pie awhile, reduce the temperature and cook until set. What’s “set”? I know it’s between liquid and rock hard, but that’s a wide spectrum.

The crust started burning while the filling was bubbling, (not set, I guessed). I sloppily covered the crust with foil and kept baking. Some time later, it was still bubbling.

I probably forgot to turn down the temperature, possibly why the filling didn’t seem set until it was out of the oven.

I left the pie out all night and then shared it with Joe and co-workers, who apparently liked it.

That evening, somebody said the pie needed refrigeration. What? The recipe didn’t mention it.

I was worried, but Dad said we wouldn’t get sick. He was right, but don’t try this at home. Refrigerate the pie.

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