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Letter to the editor: Clovis muni course good bargain

When I read Mike Majors’ letter to the editor — “Time to do away with golf course” — in last Thursday’s paper, I was appalled.

He said the Clovis Municipal Golf Course is a “ghetto golf course.” When I hear the word ghetto, I immediately think of slums, dilapidated houses, and completely run-down property, not a beautiful golf course.

The municipal course is managed and maintained by a very professional staff and the fairways and greens are in very good condition.

Each long fairway is lined on both sides by massive elm trees that have been growing in an irrigated environment for more than 80 years.

Some of the oldest golf courses in the world are more than 80 years old and are not outdated. The beautiful tree-lined fairways are simply a style of golf course that exists in many parts of the world.

Who would call the old courses at St. Andrews “outdated?”

The Clovis muni course is beautiful and challenging and is the best golfing bargain in the area — $6 for nine holes or $9 for 18 holes (walking).

Many times I have come to this course with the cares of the world on my mind only to be caught up in changing my focus to making a good shot or simply enjoying the beauty of the day and the company of other golfers.

The muni is far from being a ghetto golf course and it brings great pleasure and a satisfying golfing experience to the vast majority of people who play it.