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Military mama: School welcome relief

Summer is sputtering to a halt and I’m anxiously counting down the days until school is back in session. I am sure that I am not alone in this sentiment, but if I am I will boldly continue.

I am exhausted.

Entertaining my 4-year-old is a full-time job with no overtime pay. All summer my son has asked, “Do I got school today?” every day, multiple times a day.

Much-needed grammar lessons aside, school offers so many more activities than I can with a baby on each hip.

Preschool is only three hours per day, but he adores it. And I sure need those few hours to resurrect my home from its nearly constant state of toy-filled disaster. I can only imagine how joyful parents of multiple school-age children feel when summer vacation nears its end.

There is only so much Spongebob a grownup can handle in a week.

Our day doesn’t solely consist of this type of inactive-activity. But, I do allow my son to indulge in cartoons. His imaginary play has become far more creative and entertaining due to a wide variety of colorful characters that he considers his friends.

Each day I try to spend a few minutes of outdoor activity with the kiddos. Unfortunately, despite the fact that I married “tall, dark and handsome,” my pathetically pale genes conquered all. Even with some good solid SPF we’re limited to a short amount of time in the sun, so any outside activities have to be done in small spurts.

A trip to the zoo, a quick walk to the playground, a picnic with the neighborhood kids, or simply tossing a ball around the yard are about all of the viable options given our practically translucent skin, a tandem stroller holding my not-yet mobile infants and one child who needs a lot of space to run wild.

So please do pardon my victory dance.

School shopping, here we come.

A few new outfits and a new backpack (despite the fact he owns five and hasn’t yet begun kindergarten) are a minor price to pay for my sanity. I will gladly indulge him the necessary Crayolas and graham crackers to prepare for his big return to the classroom.

On behalf of all of the currently fatigued parents I say a much deserved THANK YOU to all of the teachers, aides and assorted faculty that keep our children entertained and educated, and good luck on the upcoming school year.