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Book review — Aug. 1

“Apache Captive” by N.C. Ware, $10.95, available at Hastings, online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble or call 799-7263.

This fiction story of a little white girl, taken captive from a wagon train during the mid 1800’s. It chronicles her life growing up in the beautiful mountains , living as an Indian and during the captive time of all New Mexico Indians at Bosque Redondo (Fort Sumner).

The author Norma C. Ashley (N.C Ware) is an 85-year old -widow — a five-year survivor of pancreatic cancer (Whipple surgery).

While recuperating she finished working on three books: “Apache Captive,” “Sage Country Girl,” and a true story of a little girl growing up during the depression and a divided family. Her nickname was Moss.

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