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Clovis High student wins FCCLA office


Clovis High School senior Jessica Farkas won one of 10 offices in the national Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Executive Council.

Farkas, who joined FCCLA five years ago, said she was once shy.

“I thought it would never be me and all of a sudden it is. It hasn’t quite hit me yet,” Farkas said.

Farkas is now the national vice president of parliamentary law for FCCLA. That means she makes sure national meetings run according to policy.

She was one of 32 students who ran for national office. Farkas submitted a resume, two essays, took a 100-question test, went through an interview and made a three-minute speech in front of 6,100 students at the FCCLA national conference in early July.

Among her meeting duties, Farkas said she will work with a national program, such as raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network. She will also do a national outreach project such as a program called Student Body that teaches students how to eat right and stay healthy.

Farkas said she will continue to work with the Bullying Hurts program that is intended to stop bullying by talking to children about the subject.

Farkas will travel to a team building and year-planning weekend in Restin, Va., on Aug. 25 with the other national officers. She will also travel to week-long leadership training monthly.

Clovis FCCLA advisor Amy Garcia said Farkas will need community support.

“There are going to challenges in it (the office),” she said. “She’ll grow in her leadership skills. She’s going to grow up, really.”

Farkas said she is excited to represent the state, city and her school. Farkas hopes to become a lawyer or work in politics after school.

Last year, Farkas served as the vice president of finance at the state level.

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