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Letters to the editor: Americans need to clean house

Twice a year I help put out flags at the Mount Zion cemetery. These American heroes fought for freedoms we enjoy, some even died for their country.

I worry about the America my kids and grandkids will live in. Fifty years from now, will rodeos still open in prayer? Will a pretty girl on a pretty horse still race around the arena carrying Old Glory? Will baseball games still pause in the seventh inning to sing God Bless America?

I wonder how much longer America will be the land of the free and home of the brave. America is evolving into the land of the politically correct and home of the broke. We are losing our freedom of speech and some want our guns taken away from us.

If school boards, city councils, county commissions, etc., want to open meetings with prayer, they should be allowed to. If towns want a Nativity scene, if a football player wants to wear a Bible verse on his cheek, if a speaker wants to mention God or Jesus at graduation, if school kids want to wear T-shirts with a flag or cross, they should be allowed to.

I should not have to press “one for English.” Yes I want English! If I wanted Spanish I would move to Mexico.

If people are offended by the kind of America our forefathers set up, well I am sorry. Let me buy you a one-way ticket to the country of you choice.

I hope and pray Americans clean house this next election. Career politicians need voted out. God-fearing, flag-waving Americans need to step up and run for judge, school board, sheriff, city council, mayor, county commissioner, representative, senator, governor, and for president.

Before it is too late.