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Clovis-Carver Public library

• “Dog Heaven” by Cynthia Rylant was given by Linda Pierce in memory of Buster Gene.

In this comforting story for pet lovers of all ages, God created Dog Heaven, an imaginary paradise where dogs can eat ice-cream biscuits, sleep on fluffy clouds, and run through unending fields.

• “Surviving Your Doctors: Why the Medical System is Dangerous to Your Health and How to Get Through It Alive” by Richard Klein provides a practical and detailed analysis of what patients should know about the health care system so that they can become more informed health care consumers.

• “Never Look Away: A Thriller” by Linwood Barclay centers on reporter David Harwood who uncovers a lead to a hot-button issue that will surely sell papers, but his editors keep shooting the story down as he asks more questions and moves ever closer to a shattering truth.

• “Cake Decorating Tricks: Clever Ideas for Creating Fantastic Cakes” by Sue Mahon takes advantage of all the latest gadgets as well as basic kitchen equipment to achieve professional-looking results for creating a celebration cake at home.

• “Not My Daughter” by Barbara Delinsky explores the emotional ties between mothers and daughters that are stretched to breaking as high school principal Susan Tate struggles with the implications of her seventeen-year-old daughter’s pregnancy.

• “The First Star: Red Grange and the Barnstorming Tour That Launched the NFL” by Lars Anderson offers a stirring glimpse at the birth of pro football and the on-field exploits of Harold “Red” Grange, the Galloping Ghost of the gridiron.

• “The Last Surgeon” by Michael Palmer pits Dr. Nick Garrity, a flawed doctor, and psychiatric nurse Jillian Coates against a ruthless psychopath who has become a master at the art of murder that does not look like murder.

Portales Public Library

• “61 Hours” by Lee Child

Jack Reacher lands in the middle of a deadly confrontation when a tour bus crashes in a savage snowstorm. One brave woman is standing up for justice in nearby Bolton, S.D., but if she’s going to live long enough to testify, she’ll need help because a coldly proficient assassin who never misses is coming to Bolton. Reacher’s original plan was to keep on moving, but the next 61 hours will change everything. His enemies are stronger and the secrets are deadlier than he could have guessed, but so is the woman whose life he’ll risk his own to save.

• “Lowcountry Summer” by Dorothea Benton Frank

Caroline Wimbley Levine never expected to make peace with long-buried truths about herself and her family when she returned to Tall Pines Plantation. Her late mother, the Queen of Tall Pines, is now gone, leaving Caroline and the rest of the family uncertain of who will take her place. Old hurts, betrayals and dark secrets will surface, and a new generation will rise along the banks of the mighty Edisto River in the lush South Carolina countryside. The author revisits some of her most unforgettable characters in this long-awaited sequel to her bestseller, Plantation.

• “Promises to Keep” by Jane Green

A successful family photographer in New York, Callie Perry adores her children and has great friends. Callie is also one who can’t help but light up every room she enters. Callie’s younger sister, Steffi, has never grown up, but at 30 she’s finally discovered that she’s a natural chef and that people can actually make a living off their passions. Lila Grossman is Callie’s best friend who has finally met the man of her dreams, but his demanding ex-wife is determined to create a chronic crisis to keep the attention firmly on her. And finally there are Callie and Steffi’s parents. Divorced for 30 years, they barely speak, and it’s obvious they share little else than two grown daughters. “Promises to Keep” is a novel about the hard choices we have to face and the ties that bind