California woman trekking across country on horse


Linny Kenney, left, Walter Rowland and Kenney's horse Sojourner take a break from their ride across the country on Curry Road 16 east of Clovis.

Linny Kenney of Los Angeles passed through Clovis on Wednesday on her horse ride across the country.

Kenney, 29, said the trip from Los Angeles to her childhood home in New Hampshire is the realization of a longtime dream.

Her boyfriend, Walter Rowland, follows behind in a support truck packed with food and supplies for the duo and Kenney’s 11-year-old Arabian, Sojourner.

“We’ve just been connecting with the land and the people,” Kenney said. “We’re just getting family stories.”

The pair is also writing a blog of their journey.

Kenney said riding a horse rather than a bike across the country makes the trip last longer because Sojourner needs breaks.

She said she tries to ride three days and take one day off. But they also take longer breaks whenever they can to help Sojourner rest.

Kenney said the trip will take seven months, from March 1 to Oct. 1. Out of the 3,600-mile trip, she has already ridden 1,100 miles.

Kenney is self-employed as a leather worker and folk musician so her job allows her extended time off.

“I just saved and saved,” she said.

Rowland said he sticks mainly to support; driving the truck and bringing Kenney coffee and donuts along the road once in a while.

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