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Liberty Pool ready for reopening

Cannon Connections staff

Recent rains delayed the opening of Liberty Pool past its annual Memorial Day opening date.

But not far past it. The pool will open Wednesday with a season opening pool party scheduled for June 12.

Maj. Rick Gearhart, Force Support Squadron commander, said the pool underwent regular maintenance and repairs to get it ready for swimmers.

“It’s the usual taking it out of winter conditions and getting it ready for summer conditions,” he said.

Gearhart said an epoxy used for sealing the pool takes seven days to dry and rain adds days to the process because of the moisture in the air.

The season opening pool party will be four hours of 1950s retro ice cream social fun. The party will include lawn games such as croquette and horse shoes, coke and root beer floats, food and free admission.

Gearhart said it takes three days to fill the 300,000 gallon pool.

Then chemicals have to be added, the pool has to be checked by the Environment Department and heated.

Gearhart said the pool is consistently busy once it opens.

“My kids are there every day once it starts to get really hot and sunny,” he said.