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Letter to the editor: Residents should give poly-carts chance


Residents should give poly-carts chance

While those opposed to poly-carts raise valid points in recent letters to the editor, it’s time someone spoke in defense of our Public Works Department.

I was as upset as anyone when we lost our beloved dumpster. Now I see the benefits of the poly-cart.

For those who despise the poly-cart, I can assure them they’ll get used to it. By cheerfully accepting this change, they are doing their part to help the city hold down future rate increases.

The first benefit they’ll notice is their alley is not being destroyed by a garbage truck every time it rains. It’s nice not to have that rusty, smelly dumpster with lids flapping in the breeze sitting in the alley.

Sure, those carts blow around sometimes, but what’s wrong with helping your neighbor by picking it up? The first week we got them, they were everywhere; now it’s not that big a deal.

In other places, they have once-a-week trash pickup. We have ours picked up twice weekly.

For big items, like tree branches, a simple call to Public Works will result in a crew being dispatched to haul them off. When raking leaves or disposing of bulky items, we plan ahead and dispose of them over time.

I urge poly-cart opponents to think about the savings and benefits to our city budget. Our trash truck that shows up twice a week is much quieter, cleaner and more efficient. I’m sure it doesn’t get stuck too often or have many flat tires. I bet not every household needs to put out the cart every time, and it saves the city time and money.

Our Public Works Department is looking out for our best interests.


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