My turn: Facebook friends share doggie memories


Maxie the dog started out a failure. She was fired by the Houston Highway Patrol.

“She was supposed to go crazy when she found drugs,” said Valerie Knoeber Hunt, a 1994 Eastern New Mexico University graduate. “But in that respect she’s more of a live-and-let-live personality.”

Maxie became the best dog Hunt said she’s ever owned.

“She’s 14 now, with some arthritis, failing eyesight and diabetes,” said Hunt via a Facebook comment thread.

“She lets our nieces and nephew poke her, pull her tail and dress her in funny hats. Her only response is gentle puppy kisses.”

More best-dog stories left on my Facebook page:

Mike Jones of Muleshoe:

“Linus was my dachshund. He loved to go camping with us. He would ride in the back seat floorboard. When he died at age 14, it took mother three days to work up enough nerves to call me.”

Patti Dobson, journalism instructor at ENMU:

“I had two lab sisters, Kali and Roxi. They sat by my feet while I wrote. When I’d sing, Kali would howl (she was always off key). Roxi was a cuddler; I’d say, ‘Give me kisses,’ and she’d come up and snuffle my face.

“My youth group grew up with them. The kids would tie up their ears, try to tie their tails together, use them as pillows. So many stories ...”


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