AADD gets you home safely


What is AADD?

Airmen Against Drunk Driving is an organization at Cannon Air Force Base that assists Cannon military members, dependents and civilian employees who have been drinking or are with others who have been drinking and need a ride home — no questions asked. With this service available, no airman should ever drive drunk.

What is AADD’s goal?

AADD’s goal is that every airman gets home safely every night. AADD hopes that when a person chooses to drink he or she has already planned for a designated driver or a ride home. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. If AADD’s services prevent even a single DUI and keep an intoxicated driver off the road, then the program is a success.

How do I use AADD?

To use AADD, call 575-784-AADD (2233) any time you need a ride home. The service is 100 percent anonymous, and the dispatcher and driver will not ask questions. The dispatcher on duty will find a standby driver in your area available to take you home. Whether you had too much to drink, you think your driver had too much to drink, or your designated driver plans failed, AADD just wants to get you home safely.

Will I remain anonymous?

AADD standby drivers do not wear uniforms. They will not ask for your name, age, rank or, unit; however, you must provide identification for entry to Cannon if you live on base. The driver will pick you up as quickly as possible and take you home (dorm, base housing or off-base housing only). AADD does not keep records of calls.

Who can volunteer for AADD?

Anyone assigned to Cannon can volunteer for AADD — airmen and civilians of all ranks and pay grades, spouses and dependents. They serve as dispatchers, standby drivers, schedulers, and advertising and recruitment coordinators. Volunteers can donate as much or little time as their schedules permit, and there are no minimums. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the Cannon community.

How do I volunteer?

To sign up, call 575-784-2233 or e-mail [email protected] with your name, rank, organization, duty phone number, home address, type and size of vehicle, and mobile phone number. In addition, you should specify whether you’d like to be a driver, dispatcher, or other volunteer. You will also have to complete a driver’s waiver letter.


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