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Letter to the editor: Criticism only serves as motivation


Criticism only serves as motivation

I am a student at Choices Alternative School. My teachers, many other students and I have read comments on the CNJ Web site related to our school.

Choices is a great school. We are not just hoodlums. Choices students are only normal people trying to earn a diploma in order to receive a higher education. Just because we’ve made mistakes in the past does not mean we aren’t concerned about our future, and in mothers’ cases, our children’s future.

People who are slow at learning or those who are mentally disabled have no control over their disability. I can’t comprehend why in the world anyone would want to put them down. That really upsets me.

I realize the odds are against us here at Choices. The world is so judgmental. One thing I will not do is let anyone pull me down. The words I’ve read about our school and its students haven’t been an insult. Only motivation. When I stand on stage and receive my diploma, our critics will have a foot in their mouths.

My teachers and peers have not failed to succeed. Those who have failed chose to fail. Not one student has been left behind. If you fail to try, then you have no honor. Why would anyone want to leave a student behind? Children are the future, so why set them up to fail?

Once again Choices is a great school. It has helped us take a step toward our goals. It doesn’t matter whether we attend Clovis High School or Choices, we all have a mutual goal: Success.


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