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Always a competitor

David Lansford is stepping down as Clovis’ mayor after 12 years.

We’ve been asking family and friends to share stories about him.

Here’s what his brother Mark had to say:

“My earliest memories of David are that he has always been a fierce competitor. It did not matter what the situation was, he wanted to win or achieve the highest result. While doing so, he maintained an attitude of fair play and an adherence to the rules.

“David was a gifted athlete, which presented some interesting problems for the rest of us. For example, I participated in a bowling league during my late teens. One Sunday afternoon, I asked David to go with me to the bowling alley to practice. He rolled over a 600 scratch series that day, having not bowled in years. What made matters worse, was the fact that one of my teammates witnessed the event. I am not sure if David has even bowled since then.”

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