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Dec. 29 South County News

So far as I know the crops are all in and the farmers can start plans for another year farming, ranching and watching the winter wheat grow as the cattle fatten up grazing on it.

Community shocked

The Causey Community was shocked to learn of the sudden death of Hank Merrick a few days ago. Hank and Marcella were both raised in the Causey area and lived there after their school days and marriage to raise their children. The shock is far reaching, touching not only the Fire Departments in Roosevelt, but throughout the state.

They purchased the Causey Hardware Store several years ago and were there close by when needed. He has been a member of the Causey Volunteer Fire Department for years. He has served for several years as Causey Mayor and is well known in Fire-Rescue Departments in our State and over into west Texas.

He will be missed in every area of community, county and state activities and as a faithful member of the Causey Methodist Church. The services will be in the Guy Luscombe Gym at Dora School to accommodate all the firemen and women and friends of the family.

The family and relatives will be served at the Causey Community center. The Fire Departments will all be served in the Dora Community center.