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Clovis couple goal-oriented

A Clovis couple’s last-minute pledge of more than $11,000 to the Curry County United Way has enabled the organization to meet its campaign goal for the year.

Mike and Joyce Landgraf pledged $11,421 Thursday night to the local United Way, meaning the organization will meet its goal for the year — a day after the organization’s campaign ended.

For Landgraf, it was a Thursday story in the Clovis News Journal that prompted his pledge.

“I didn’t like reading that we didn’t make (goal) this year,” Landgraf said. “You don’t need to nominate me for sainthood or anything. I just decided we ought to be able to say we hit the goal and we did it.”

The Landgraf family pledge brings the United Way’s season total to $392,500, about $35,500 more than last year’s amount.

“It’s such an amazing thing,” United Way Executive Director Erinn Burch said. “I’m just astounded by it, and humbled by it. I’m just grateful that he thought of us.”

The Landgrafs’ pledge is the second-highest single pledge of the campaign, Burch said, meaning the Landgrafs will receive a special Alexis de Tocqueville Society award for their donation of more than $10,000.

Lonnie and Barbara Allsup, owners of the Allsup’s chain of convenience stores, will also receive the award for pledging $20,000 this year.

Burch said the Landgrafs had already made a $3,500 pledge this year, as well as an $11,000 corporate donation on behalf of his construction company, LC1 2 Inc.

Campaign Chair Ray Sullivan said in a press release that he was “in shock” Thursday night after hearing of the pledge.

“Their example reminds us all of the spirit behind the local United Way chapter’s philanthropy: Uniting neighbors. Changing lives,” he said in the release.

This year, the United Way donors are supporting 15 local agencies.

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