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Nov. 10 Dora News

Harvest was halted as last Monday night snow moved into the area. There was a lot more as the Rogers Road and on south through into Lea County, I’m told. I didn’t venture out to school on Tuesday since I was called and told the roads were covered in snow and getting slick from traffic. So I went Wednesday and there was still more snow than we had in Portales, even on Tuesday when it fell. The ground and pavement was warm, so it melted pretty quickly here.

Peanuts, etc.

I’ve seen more peanuts being hauled in this week end so I guess they got dried out again. They are sure turning out great.

I’m anxious to see who gets the first bale of cotton out. Not anxious enough to get a sack and go rush the season as we used to do when I was a kid.

Celebration good

The “Celebration of Life” event at the Dora Baptist Church was well attended last Sunday night. It sue looked like everyone was enjoying games, fun, food and fellowship throughout the two-hour event. I couldn’t tell if the kids, parents or grans were having the most fun.

The Christmas shoe box event for missions will be over on Sunday, and they boxes have to be ready for delivery to the pickup place then. The Thanksgiving food donation for the children’s home will go until Thanksgiving week. Thanks to everyone who have helped on any or all of these projects.


The commodities will be delivered to Arch, Causey, and Dora all on Nov. 17 and to Milnesand on Nov. 17 or 18. You will be called and reminded again later on.

Praise reports

Bill Victor is home and doing well, but he and Sybil are homebound. Travis Belcher is home doing well and Layton Belcher is doing much better. Kristi Ledbetter is better, but still awaiting surgery and Jessie and Elmer’s nephew had a tumor removed and is now home.

Prayer needs

Continue to pray for those above; for unity and love in our homes, schools and communities everywhere; our military people, our nation and leaders and for a world of hurting and concerned people.

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