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Political affiliation may affect television choices

Republicans and Democrats disagree on just about everything. But there is some common ground, at least this time of year.

Citizens from both political parties are looking forward to the new fall television lineup, especially when “CSI” comes on.

Initiative Media Group — a media service company based in New York — set out to help politicians decide which new TV shows they might want to spend advertising dollars on.

The findings:

Republicans are 28 percent more likely than the average respondent to be interested in watching “I Hate My Job” on Spike TV while Democrats were 22 percent less likely than average.

“The Billionaire” appeals to Democrats. According to the findings, Dems were 45 percent more likely to be interested in watching the show.

Republicans were interested in the Mel Gibson show “Savages,” while Democrats preferred “Father of the Pride” an animated series about a lion.

But the most anticipated new show for all respondents, according to the Initiative study, was “CSI: New York” with 43 percent saying they were interested in watching the program.

CBS’ “CSI: Miami” and “CSI” were also popular with both political parties.

The crime show is also a favorite among eastern New Mexico voters from both ends of the political world.

Joyce Pollard, a Clovis Democrat, said she likes to watch the Discovery Channel, Lifetime, and the Health Channel. Following party lines, she said she enjoyed “The Billionaire,” and would probably watch it again.

But she said the show that she really likes is CSI. “ I will be watching those,” she said.

Brett Johnson, former Republican state representative, said he loves HBO’s “The Sopranos.”

Johnson said he can’t stand reality television, but there is one other show he watches. “I watch CSI,” he said.

Alex Yuen, a New York native, works at Allsup’s in Clovis, said he is undecided about his political party. He described himself as a “huge movie and TV fan.”

Though Yuen hopes he can watch many of the new shows this season, he said, “Don’t call me between 8 and 11 on Thursday night.” He said he’ll be watching “Joey,” “Will and Grace,” “ER” and of course, “CSI.”

Randy Russell, 35, could fit in with Democrats or

Republicans based on the shows he’s interested in watching this season: “ ‘CSI,’ ‘CSI - Miami,’ ‘CSI: New York," and ‘Without A Trace’.”

“CSI: Miami” premiered its first episode on Monday night,

“CSI: New York” premiered its first episode on Wednesday night.

The original “CSI,” which takes place in Las Vegas, begins its fifth season at 9 tonight.

Pollard said she will be watching it.

“It keeps you on the edge of your seat,” she said. “ I just like it because it’s interesting, and it has something to prop up your imagination. It is about something new and different all the time.”

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