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Thank you letters

Editor’s note: The Clovis News Journal will periodically publish thank-you letters of public interest. Letters should be less than 300 words and the writer must be identified. Writers should include telephone numbers and addresses for verification purposes. Letters may be edited for clarity, content and space considerations. Names of for-profit businesses may be deleted prior to publication.

Mom's death helps son find gift of life

It seems in life we are afforded many blessings but rarely do we take the time to acknowledge them.

We all have heard that you truly don’t miss something until it is gone. Again, rarely do we acknowledge.

On Sept. 14, 2003, I was given the blessing of a lifetime. I was there firsthand to witness the passing of my mom, Mona Workman of Clovis. I have not felt the same about life since.

I’m not sure if that has been good or bad. Sure, there have been regrets — words that were spoken that should never have been and words that now you would give your right arm to be able to say; events that you always knew you could go to next year, you now realize you wish you had gone. And the list could go on and on.

In knowing my mom, I know that’s not where she would have me focus.

If I could have one more hour with my mom, I have often wondered what I would ask from it.

Would we laugh? Would we cry? Or would we try to do all the things we never got to do before?

I’ve often wondered and I’m not real sure what the time would be like but I do know this: I wouldn’t take anything for it and it would be the most meaningful 60 minutes of my life.

How could it be that I feel this way for someone who’s gone and now I long to see again; and yet not feel for those who are here and I can see today?

How many hours have I longed to be with my wife or children?

I hope there’s one lesson I can learn from my mom’s death — that I can love and cherish the time with someone in life the same way I can in death. If so, I have learned the gift of life.

Thanks Mom.

Tom Workman

Warrenton, Va.

Labors of love success for Melrose park

We’d like to thank all those who helped or made donations to the Baxter Memorial Park in Melrose.

Several hundred people have been involved in the beautification of the park; some of them have been anonymous. Therefore we would like to publicly offer our thanks to each and every one, including:

• the men, women and children who gave of their time and talents to dig holes, set out plants, build trellises and scrape and paint picnic tables and benches;

• those who donated garden tools, fertilizer, metal edging and gravel;

• the businesses that provided pizza, drinks, ice, etc. for all of the workers;

• for the big pot of coffee that was provided every workday by a wonderful 87-year-old volunteer.

• the 4-H club and Boy Scout Troop No. 226 and their parents for all their hard work;

• each person who typed, copied, mailed letters and made phone calls.

The work could not have gone forward without all of the cash donations and the purchase of the name bricks. Hours were spent in getting the bricks delivered, unloaded and sorted. We truly appreciate the superb work of the bricklayer.

The park was faithfully watered by hand for 10 months, until the drip system was installed. That was devotion to the project and the city.

We appreciate all of the hard work of lifting and setting the concrete items and for the wrought iron on the gazebo. Thanks to those responsible for the beautiful scrapbook. We appreciate the bank for its continued service, the newspaper for the articles and everyone who wrote notes or made calls of encouragement.

And first and foremost, we’d like to thank our Lord for guiding us in this project. It has truly been a labor of love.

Twila Gorley and members of the Melrose park committee.