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Kids' events set for Saturday

Find your sneakers, paint your turtles, and break out your stick horses, because there is much to celebrate Saturday at the Roosevelt County Fair. At 2 p.m. in the Pavillion, the turtle race will kick off a day for the kids and family.

Southwest Box Turtles will be divided up into heats. Each turtle that wins its heat will move on to the next heat. Prizes range from $225 to $25, savings bonds, or gift certificates.

Following the turtle race, in the Pavillion, will be the Kiwanis Pet Show where every child that participates will leave a winner. Each child will be announced over the intercom then asked to show their favorite pet to the judge. In return, the judge will give a reason why each child’s pet should win a blue ribbon.

The stick horse race will have eight different age divisions ranging from two years old to five years old, competing for a belt buckle and ribbon. Each participate must bring their own stick horse and strategy to win a belt buckle.

The dummy roping has four age groups; six and under, seven years old, eight years old, and nine years old. In this event, a steer or calf head will be placed on a bale of hay. Each contestant has a chance to throw five loops on one of the two heads. A champion will be determined by a rope-off in each age group of winners, and a trophy will be given to the overall winner.

The goat branding contest will have two age groups; from nine to 13 year olds, and eight and under. Each team will consist of three contestants. A goat will be tied in the center of the arena. Two team members must catch and flank the goat laying him down. The third team member will race to a paint can filled with flour and a stick, the stick, representing a branding iron. This person must return to the goat and pretend to brand it. Once the brand is on the goat, the stick must be returned to the bucket which stops a time clock. Each age group will win a prize.