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Readers: Violence in Iraq won’t end soon

Project Reader Reaction

A recent Project: Reader Reaction question asked:

“So the transfer of power is complete in Iraq. When will the violence in that country end?”

Some responses:

“THERE ARE ONLY TWO ways to stop the violence. We can either restore the former dictatorship or vigorously exterminate every last one of the members of radical Islam.”

— Richard Lopes, Clovis

“THE TRANSFER OF POWER in Iraq is not complete, it has just begun. On June 28, the transfer of authority began, and will continue as each facet of governmental authority — the right to enforce laws first, then the right to make laws, and then the right to interpret laws — transfers to Iraqi hands. Much more will be complete next January.

“When will the violence end? When Iraq convinces its people that there is no honor found in killing for the sake of honor or killing to get one’s own way. It may take a religious conversion wherein the people begin to serve a God who loves them instead of a God who merely rules them.”

— Carolyn Spence, Clovis

“HOW CAN WE EXPECT violence to end since this has been going on for centuries? Now we have American servicemen that will lose their lives in the upcoming civil war. The question is, when will the next coup be?”

— Mac McDonald, Clovis

“I DON’T SEE AN end to the violence in Iraq anytime in the near future. Even though we may have turned power over to the Iraqis until the three major factions can coexist peacefully, there will continue to be violence.”

— David Burke, Clovis

“I REALLY DOUBT THAT violence will end in Iraq in the near future. Those supporting the terrorists do not want any form of democracy to get a foothold in the Arab/Muslim world. The Iraqi people will have to be strong and steadfast in their commitment to a free Iraq as they now attempt to rule themselves for the first time in more than 30 years. The world will be watching closely to see how they govern themselves and one of the first things on their agenda will be the trial of Saddam. If he gets a truly fair trial and just punishment, this will bode well as the beginning. Next year’s elections will also be crucial to their success. If this goes well, the violence may then begin to dissolve. One can only hope and pray.”

— Bob Baker, Clovis

“I BELIEVE THERE IS always going to be violence in Iraq because those who aren’t in charge want to be and those in charge will need the support of the U.S. and other countries for the military support. I am praying that our men and women can come home as the new government gets stronger and their U.S.A.-trained army and police get better at protecting their citizens from terrorists.”

— Ardyth Elms, Clovis

“I DON’T BELIEVE THE violence will stop as long as the country is run with Western ideas and with the thought of democracy. The people that don’t want the U.S. over there are not going to be happy with anything less than the country run like the old school taught them. The world is changing and these people want it to stay the some way their great-grandparents ran things, and the rest of the free world is not going to let them live that way and infringe on our freedoms, as most people realize that they will try doing.”

— Steve Gershon, Clovis

“NEVER. HISTORY REVEALS VIOLENCE for centuries ... and history is usually the best guide to the direction a country will take.”

— Frank Dalton, Clovis

“IT WON’T END ANYTIME soon, maybe not even in years, because the adversaries are too ingrained in religious fanaticism. (The Iraqi factions, that is.)”

— Harold Burris, Clovis