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Regents approve 2004-05 budget

In the midst of budget season for public entities, the Board of Regents members met to approve the fiscal year 2004-05 operating budget.

The total budgeted revenues of $45,273,400 are comprised of: state funding (57 percent), tuition and fees (19 percent), sales/services (13 percent), state grants (5 percent) and other (6 percent).

Board of Regents members inquired about the decline of the percent of state funding, coinciding with the increase of tuition rates each year. Board of Regents members approved a 6 percent increase in tuition in late March. However, only 2 percent goes back to ENMU and the other 4 percent goes to the state’s general fund.

“The national trend is universities are relying more on tuition and less on state funding,” Scott Smart, Vice President of Business Affairs, said. “In 1975 the percent of state funding was 75 percent, and the national average has dropped to 50 percent.”

Smart said the reason for the decline of state funding is because state officials have to dedicate more and more money to health and corrections costs.

Smart and ENMU President Steven Gamble agreed that despite the state funding percent decrease, the budget is in good condition. Smart said the money in reserves was 3.57 million and the projected number is 3.64 million for the end of the 04-05 budget year.

“It’s (reserves) stayed consistent,” Smart said. “It’s a healthy reserve.”

Funding from New Mexico for recurring operations is expected to increase by $731,500 for instruction and general expenses, $111,300 for athletics and $16,600 for KENW. Smart said the additional money for athletics is because ENMU will have a men’s soccer team, which should increase enrollment.

The budget report states 22.44 million of the unrestricted current funds is budgeted for salary expenses.

Board of Regents members also had 12 granted tenure, most of them employed six years.

The Board of Regents members also approved emerita status for two women who were retiring after their careers at ENMU. Emslie was honored after her 22 years of serving ENMU and playing a key role in the development of bilingual education. She directed the Billingual/Multicultural Education Program at ENMU.

“My experience has been wonderful at Eastern,” Emslie said. “My daughter attended Eastern. It’s a good institution and I’ve really enjoyed working with the community.”

Gov. Bill Richardson identified Emslie as one of the 20 Most Influential Women in New Mexico. She was inducted into the Women’s Hall of Fame of New Mexico last week.

Professor Galina McGuire, Associate Professor of Art, taught at ENMU for nine years. McGuire has over the years been an active member of the High Plains Arts Council. She and her husband plan to move to Mexico after her retirement.

“I’m ready to start another chapter in my life,” McGuire said. “I enjoyed Portales very much. As soon as I saw the open spaces, I knew I would love it. Every spring me and my husband have been going to Mexico. We loved Mexico and the people there.”