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Readers split on Richardson for veep

Project: Reader Reaction

A recent Project: Reader Reaction question asked if Gov. Bill Richardson might make a good vice president. Some responses:

“I doubt that Gov. Bill would be an acceptable or effective VP as I doubt that he would be comfortable in the No. 2 position.”

— Harold Burris, Clovis

“(Would) Bill Richard-son ... take the VP job? As we say where I come from ... in a New York minute.”

— Jim Sitterly, Clovis

“I believe that Bill Richardson wants to use his position as governor as a steppingstone to get back to Washington. I also believe that he is much too intelligent to join a losing team.”

— John Frey, Clovis

“Bill won’t team up with Kerry, but not because he doesn’t want to be VP. Bill outshines Kerry. You see, Cal Thomas is probably right. I doubt that Kerry will make it through the convention. His charisma tarnishes daily. The Democratic ticket will probably be Hillary & Bill (Richardson).

“What a jovial duo. I can just read the General Accounting Office reports now ... unless auditing of their expenditures will be outlawed under the new revised Homeland Security Act of 2005.”

— Carolyn Spence, Clovis

“While Bill Richardson repeatedly states he’s not a candidate for the VP position, politics has strong magnetism and I truly believe he has further and higher desires for his political career than the governorship of this state. He has demonstrated his skills as a negotiator on more than one occasion in international crisis situations, served in cabinet positions, still maintains important relationships with foreign diplomats, and has plenty of political savvy in the Washington, D.C., arena. And with a Hispanic background, he can draw the Hispanic vote to a Kerry-Richardson ticket in November.

“I say yes ... if he’s asked by Kerry, he will accept the position. Will he make a good VP? I think if he is elected to the position, he will give it his all. But I also think it will be more for his personal gain than to help the Democratic Party.”

— Bob Baker, Clovis

“No, he will not (make a good vice president). Knowing Mr. Bill Richardson from my days in the Foreign Service, he is not one to play second fiddle to anyone. He looks out for No. 1 and that is himself. He wants to lead, not follow.”

— Gerald Majewski, Clovis

“He might make a good VP if it were anyone other then John Kerry running for president. The best Gov. Richardson can do is support his party but distance himself from taking any position if Kerry wins.”

— Charles F. Hemphill, Clovis

“Bill Richardson would make an excellent VP. I think he would do a good job at anything ... as has been proven. No, I do not think he would accept the (position) if offered.”

— Mac McDonald, Clovis

“I personally think that Gov. Richardson has higher aspirations than just the VP. This stance he’s taking just reaffirms his presidential ideals.”

— David Burke, Clovis

“I think that the governor would make a fitting running mate for Kerry. He seems to have the same audio problem that John Kerry has — you can see his mouth moving, but where exactly is the sound coming from?”

— Joe Christopherson, Clovis

“Richardson being His-panic is one reason his name keeps getting bandied about; but I doubt he’ll make it through the vetting process with all the Clinton-era baggage he’s still hauling around. One good thing may come out of it though — we may find out what really happened at Los Alamos and why Bill was in Sudan negotiating the release of a CIA operative at the same time they were offering to turn over bin Laden.”

— Joan McCarty, Clovis

“I can’t see Bill Richardson running for VP. John and Bill, does that have a ring to it? Richardson is hooked on ... himself, Kerry is tied to his money.

Tell me where that leaves the American people? I would rather Hillary and Nader be on the same ticket. Bill Clinton as Secretary of State would round it out.”

— Denver Jones, Clovis

“Richardson doesn’t make a good governor, why would he want to be VP?”

— Mearl Thomas, Clovis

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