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Readers: Lansford good for school board

Project: Reader Reaction

A recent Project: Reader Reaction question asked: “What do you think about the Clovis school board? Is newcomer Mark Lansford a breath of fresh air or a divisive force that hinders education of our students?”

Some responses:

“I feel that the Clovis school board does its chores effectively. I view Mark Lansford as inexperienced, but on his way to being one of the board’s more effective members, as he has ability and a strong desire to accomplish positive goals.”

— Harold Burris, Clovis

“Yes, he certainly is a breath of fresh air. He is voicing the opinion of many of the teachers that are in some cases unable to voice their opinions.

I do not feel that he is creating disunity, he is opening the doors to many things that should have been dealt with differently in the past or things that others just do not want to deal with. Mark should be commended for his efforts. He is a great advocate for the teachers.”

— Steve Gershon, Clovis

“What do I think of the school board? Well, the (phrase) ‘in a rut’ comes to mind. Is Mark Lansford a hindrance to education and our students? Well, anyone that knows Mark for more than five minutes knows that he is very serious about giving our children the best education possible. As for being a puppet on the board: Never. Sometimes boards need to be rattled to make people realize change is needed. It isn’t hard to see there are problems when our administration has a beautiful air-conditioned building to work in and our students are in temporary buildings.”

— Jim Sitterly, Clovis

“The school board is in need of change. Mark Lansford is the beginning. I hope the person who is selected to replace George Banister (who recently resigned) further contributes to change and does not become a pawn of the majority.”

— Bob Baker, Clovis

“Yes, Mark Lansford is a breath of fresh air. He brings new life to the ‘that’s how we did it before and it was good then’ attitudes of the other board members. ... Just as we should bring in new blood at our Senate and Congress level as they are the ones creating havoc with our system. Keep it up, Mr. Lansford, keep it up.”

— Gerald Majewski, Clovis

“Mr. Mark Lansford is a different force the school board is going to have to deal with. I am sure that he is for quality education for all our students; however, he is stepping on toes of the status quo and it’s not acceptable to most. Could it be that he wants the board and school district to remember that they must comply with laws just like the rest of the state and that they are not above or better than most people?

“Maybe he is just trying to get parents involved in their children’s education and wants meetings held where more can attend and be able to voice their option on matters ...”

— Charles F. Hemphill, Clovis

“Mark Lansford is a board member who reminds us that the board works for the community, and that it needs to take its job very seriously.”

— Carol Singletary, Clovis

“Mr. Mark Lansford is not an issue for me. The school board is. They spend our tax money and allow good teachers to go underpaid. ... I don’t know if Mr. Lansford is a breath of fresh air but he sure is a step in the right direction.”

— Denver Jones, Clovis

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