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Virtual trip can help before actually traveling the miles

I was driving back to Clovis a few weeks ago, ending what had become a 3,000 mile trek across the country. Somehow (well, I needed gasoline for the Dodge), I ended up in Post, Texas. While filling up the truck’s fuel tank and while grabbing a bite to eat at McDonald’s, I noticed that the city of Post seems to be growing and improving, just like Clovis.

I observed fresh paint on the downtown buildings, a great deal of business establishment remodeling, and quite a bit of road improvements and construction going on. Having never really paid much attention to Post the few times that I had driven through it in the past, I found myself impressed with it on that day.

The thought of making a weekend getaway to that small west Texas town has now been on my mind ever since that last visit. I think I’d like — even if for a very short time — to become a part of the “Post experience.” I’d like to explore its “innards,” to enjoy its amenities, and to share in the enthusiasm that its citizens must be feeling right now.

Anyone else out there game for it?

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To get your driving directions to Post, you can use MapQuest at

You will see that it’s about 150 miles to Post (from Clovis, that is), that’s about a three-hour drive for most folks. Now, don’t get me wrong: Wherever you live, Post is accessible. You just have to make plans for it — fit it into a cross-country trek someday, maybe. Post is also an hour ahead of Clovis, being in the Central Time Zone — you’ll need to remember that when planning your trip.

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Of course, anyone contemplating a “Post Adventure” will want to check out

because it’s a great resource. At the Web site, you will learn that the city was founded by the famous breakfast cereal magnate Charles W. Post.

Who hasn’t heard of C.W. Post?

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I’d heard of the “Old Mill Trade Days” in the past, but wasn’t real sure what that was all about — I won’t give it away here either. You’ll have to go to

to find out for yourself. I will most certainly coordinate mine and Miss Susie Q.’s getaway to coincide with that once-a-month event.

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Another great attraction in Post is the Garza Theatre. The theater has an extensive history and a great reputation for providing awesome entertainment. You can find out all about that establishment by going to

Although there appears to be quite a few lodging options available in Post, the Hotel Garza seems to be the most inviting. The hotel, now serving as a “Bed and Breakfast,” was built in 1915. You can learn more about the hotel by jumping over to

After learning about the hotel, you’ll be anxious to get your room reservations made.

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All in all, I think maybe Clovis could learn a few things from Post. Although Clovis is considerably bigger, and much of its small-town atmosphere is waning as the city continues to grow — maybe, just maybe — we could develop some attractions that would help us hold onto the memories of a city that we have all grown to love.

Tom DiFrancesca III is a freelance newspaper columnist and a resident of Clovis. He can be reached at [email protected] or