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Letter writers note appreciation for efforts

Editor’s note: The Clovis News Journal will periodically publish thank-you letters of public interest. Letters should be less than 300 words and the writer must be identified. Writers should include telephone numbers and addresses for verification purposes. Letters may be edited for clarity, content and space considerations. Names of for-profit businesses may be deleted prior to publication.

Family member attacked by pit bull

This is to thank all that assisted during and after an April 20 dog attack on a member of our family.

The family member’s name is Mustang.

Mustang is a 7 1/2-year-old Chihuahua that was attacked by a pit bull. Results of this attack are: Surgical removal of right eye, punctured right eardrum, a chest tube for drainage of fluid accumulation and other gashes that had to be repaired.

Mustang has a long recovery period ahead, which will be successful due to our loving care.

We wish to thank the neighbors who assisted during and after the attack. Special thanks to the veterinarians and their staff for their great care. And thanks to the city officials who picked up the other dog and collected photographic evidence.

Your actions will not be forgotten.

H.M. Richards


Clovis represented well by FCA group

We want to take this opportunity to commend to you the Clovis High School chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

It was our distinct pleasure to attend the fund-raising dinner as sponsored by the Clovis High FCA for the Matt. 25 outreach on April 23.

You as a community can take great pride in the quality and character of the young people who represent your community. Every young person at the banquet we had a chance to interact with typified integrity, honesty, faithfulness and strength of character.

As individuals who have spent a lifetime working with the darker side of children and young people, it was quite refreshing to spend time with young people who exhibit qualities of character.

Kudos to the young men and women who represented you so well at the banquet. And a heart-felt congratulations on a job well done in raising $7,000 for a much-needed outreach in Matt. 25.

Edward Cooper and Jerry Raines

Shiloh Youth Ranch Inc.


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