Serving Clovis, Portales and the Surrounding Communities

April 21 Dora News

The farmers are starting planting some corn now. There were some fields completed last week and others will be soon. All these showers have sure inspired those with dry land farms. It looks better for them than has in some time.

Brisket Dinner

There will be a brisket dinner served by the Dora Business Professionals of America students to raise money for their national contest in Cincinnati, Ohio. This will be in the Dora Cafeteria/Rogers Gym building. They will be serving from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sunday.

Donations will be accepted. Come support our BPA.

Beware of Snakes

The rattle snakes are out, so be sure to caution your kids. There were three killed in Hershell and Weldon Carmichael’s area on Monday. I don’t know if anyone else has killed any or not.


Wednesday is the day for all our areas south and east of Portales. Gail said not to come to Dora until around 3 p.m. or so, since no time was given when they will be delivered. We are all hoping and praying there will be a time soon so we will be notified ahead of time again. Call your coordinator Wednesday for information.

Cowboy Supply

Sunday morning worship brought several messages by Michael Rinne. His wife and two little sons accompanied him from over at Kenna. We had a good sermon of service for Jesus.

Back to Service

James Love came in from Iraq after being there for months. He came home in March and left April 10th to go to Germany for a time there. We pray all our troops are protected by God’s love and a hedge of protection wherever they are.

Fraze Baby

Trevor and Michelle Fraze have a new two-week-old baby daughter, named Cashlin Trances and she has an older brother who is two named Brogan Layne. They are the grandchildren of Rodney and Laverne Thetford and Gordon and Becky Fraze, all of the Rogers-Dora area.

Charlie Sez: April showers brings May flowers, but the area is alive now with trees and tubulars blooming beautifully.