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Police: 15-year-old shot Friday isn't cooperating with police

Clovis police say a 15-year-old from Texas showed up in a Clovis emergency room Friday night with a gunshot wound to the leg, but he wouldn’t tell police who shot him or what happened.

Police didn’t release the juvenile’s name because of his age.

Sgt. Chris Kinley of the Clovis Police Department said the juvenile told police the incident occurred near the Grand Avenue Apartments, located near the western portion of the city, but officers didn’t find any evidence at the scene.

Kinley said he believes the juvenile’s condition is fine.

Detective Roger Grah said investigators have determined so far that the victim was shot about 9 p.m., arrived at the emergency room about 9:20 p.m., and was transferred to a Lubbock hospital about midnight. Grah said the victim was still hospitalized in Lubbock but was expected to return to his home in Fort Worth when released.

Grah said the case is under active investigation despite the victim’s failure to cooperate.

“We’ve got no idea what happened; he’s not talking,” Grah said. “Evidence shows he was not doing anything wrong but he won’t tell us who shot him. He said he saw nothing, doesn’t know where the bullet came from and doesn’t know why he was shot.”

Grah said the bullet is still inside the victim so he doesn’t know the caliber of the gun used, but based on the small size of the bullet hole, he believes it wasn’t a high-powered rifle that could have been used to shoot him from a considerable distance.

It’s not clear why the juvenile was in Clovis rather than Fort Worth, but Grah said he does have relatives in Clovis.

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