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Project: Reader Reaction

Members of Project: Reader Reaction were recently asked for comments on any issue they had on their minds. Some responses:

“It looks like our governor is on the right track when he suggests that we make more stringent rules for (repeat offenders) of driving while intoxicated.

“All well and good by locking them up, (but the system should also make) them attend ... classes so they learn that the automobile is a weapon.

“Our laws should carry this a little further, by removing the vehicle in question and storing it in the city pound area, incarcerating the individual for whatever time necessary, but having them repay their time spent in jail monetarily — have them pay for their food, or have their relatives bring them their food.

“This will change the attitude of the person who drank, his family in trying to change his/her ways and (it will) reimburse the taxpayers for funds we could use elsewhere.

“This system is carried out in many other countries for lesser crimes than DWI. It works there, why not here?”

— Gerald Majewski, Clovis

“I’m beginning to wonder if Gov. Richardson was elected by fraudulent voting practices. Why else would he be against the idea of asking voters to show identification at the polls? The CNJ previously reported that our governor believes minorities would be too intimidated to vote utilizing this practice. What is so scary about proving your identity?

“He’s also a big supporter of rewarding illegal behavior by granting rights to undocumented workers. He’s even going to award them a license to legally operate a motor vehicle this coming June. Even the left coast of California is trying to prevent illegal aliens from obtaining drivers licenses. At a time of rising jail and Medicaid costs, you’d think it would be wise to stop this madness and quit wasting tax dollars on people that refuse to abide by the law. Way to go Bill.”

— Richard Lopes, Clovis

“Dairy manure converted to energy would be poopergy. We could be the poopergy capital of the world. Maybe even poopmobiles some day?”

— James Simnacher, Clovis

“I believe that President Bush has done a reasonably good job during his term as president. However, his recent decision to spend so much money going to Mars is just ridiculous! We have so many things on Earth that can use that money. Why not fix things here before sending our money elsewhere?

“Mars will still be there in 20 years. Even if it’s not, who really cares? Let’s take care of things that have a real life impact before we go play.

“This decision alone is enough to make me not want to vote for Bush in the presidential election.”

— Amy Graves, Clovis

“Simply put, we better do something about water for our towns here in eastern New Mexico or the towns will slowly dry up and blow away.

“You think it’s not possible? Look at Willcox, Ariz. It’s still there as a wide spot on Interstate 10, but not like it used to be.

“Look at the dried-up orchards between Roswell and Artesia. The Ogalalla Aquifer is not there to be plundered as each landowner sees fit. A friend of mine who grew up in Elida said it is one of the most incredibly arrogant uses of aquifer water to grow crops. He contends aquifer water is for people and cattle, not to be pumped out willy-nilly. I would tend to agree.

“It is amazing that government officials are sitting and quibbling over the Ute Water Project while its cost creeps up hand over fist. If you don’t believe Clovis can dry up and blow away, just look at any of the other regional towns that are in the process of it like Lamesa or Brownfield, Texas.”

— Brent McBee, Clovis


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