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If you see me singing, don't be surprised


Judy Brandon: Local columnist

I meditate at times on the sovereign power of God and the depth of his love. I stand amazed that he loves me. Before I doubt my faith, I realize that I am not alone; these thoughts have been the thoughts of many throughout the ages.

One of Job’s friends reminded Job of God’s mighty power. Although Job’s friend arrived at a wrong conclusion about Job’s suffering, he made a fairly insightful statement that was appropriate for Job to here. It helped bring Job back to reality. He asked Job this question: “Do you know the mind and purposes of God? Will long searching make them known to you?” (Job 11:7) God is not limited in his omnipotence and his ways are a mystery to us.

When I was just a little girl, we sang many old songs that we do not sing today. I have a CD I got for our grandchildren named Bible Action Songs. These songs are children’s songs sung by children; I believe I enjoy this tape as much as my grandchildren. Many of the melodies stir me the memories of my childhood days — church choirs, Sunbeams and youth rally nights on Tuesday nights when the winning church with the most teens present always laid claim to the attendance banner. Of all the songs on the CD, one is my very favorite. It goes:

Wide wide as the ocean,

High as the heavens above.

Deep deep is the deepest sea

Is my Savior’s love!

I, though so unworthy,

Still am a child of his care.

For His Word teaches me

That His love reaches me


When I hear that song, I am a kid again with childlike faith. Many years have passed since those childhood days, but just hearing that song causes the childlike faith in me to surface once again. At this stage in my life, I realize even more vividly that through all these years, God’s love has been the overriding and underlying strength in my life. It has been a wellspring of care, peace and comfort no matter what I have faced. If Christ’s love could be measured in words, I have no utterance to describe its depth and no declaration to fathom its height. That little song comes nearer characterizing God’s love than anything I know.

If you should see me driving along some day, singing as I go, don’t be surprised if you see me intermediately waving my arms in motion to the words of the song like I used to do when I was a youngster. It is hard to get away from that because there’s no way I can sit still when I come to wide as the ocean and high as the heavens above part. I must respond and rejoice in the thought that God loves all His children — even big ones like me.

Judy Brandon is an instructor at Clovis Community College. Contact her at:

[email protected]


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